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Historical Daily Charts - Traders Desk Reference (TDR)

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MRCI's Historical Daily Charts - Here you will find nearly 24,000 historical daily charts of futures and cash markets
for as far back as 1958 --- or even further. If you want to know how T-Bills reacted during the stock market crash of
1987, you can see for yourself at the click of a mouse. How did gold and silver trade when the Hunts' tried to corner
the silver market in the late 1970s? What did wage and price controls do to the cattle market in the early 70s?
Essentially, pick your market and time period and go take a look. Or, if you are already looking at a seasonal pattern,
a seasonal trade, or a correlation study, follow the links to see what actually happened in each individual year.

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The focus on a single market each month can provide you more in-depth knowledge of how it trades. What if you knew such things as ...
(1) average daily ranges by day of week
(2)  how often it tends to close higher/lower by day of week
(3)  how often it tends to gap up/down
(4)  historical summary of daily % of price change

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